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Embroidery Business Forms

August 23rd, 2011

embroidery business forms
home based business???

Please don’t criticize , im just looking for a little guidance.

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and had to quit my job because it was too stressful (it was basically a form of law enforcement in a nutshell). I was looking at starting a home-based “business” with my kind of skills (which i will list) as just a way to make a little extra cash, without spending a fortune to start a business. First, I am looking for something like that doesn’t require me to hire anyone right now, doesn’t require having to pay taxes for a small business, and no, i DO NOT want to take online surveys.
I can sew, do very limited things with embroidery, I can paint but really don’t have the patience. I have an Associates of Art in Studio Art degree.
I was thinking about finding something I could sell for a small startup fee? Any help? Thank you!!!!

What about using your creative skills to make handmade greeting cards – with Christmas coming up this is a good opportunity. You can find out about this home business opportunity at this site


Good Luck

Jamar Park Business Forms – Pittsburgh, PA

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