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Cheap Digital Garment Printers

September 9th, 2011

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The Brother Gt541 – Built To Make You Money

The Brother GT-541 is a powerful machine that will skyrocket your profits! This digital garment printer produces effortlessly. It is indeed a hefty cost but it must be considered an investment as its going to give returns very speedily.

The Brother gt541 will significantly increase your profits. Often it is argued that the ink is more expensive. Indeed, this is hard to argue against, but when you consider the points below you will understands why in the end this machine will save you loads.The most obvious way is by cutting production times. Less product time per production of course means more production overall. And of course, more production means more money.The Brother gt541 is just a desktop printer and that means it’s going to need less costly extras. It removes the need for expensive and harmful screen-printing chemicals. The garments only need a heat press to be cured. So you don’t have to purchase a conveyor drier. Also means you don’t have to spend money maintaining it. The simplicity of the Brother gt541 means you do short print runs. You can print even 1 garment if you like. Having this capability means you don’t have to turn away those smaller jobs nor the money that comes with them.

The GT-541 is incredibly easy to use. This is because it operates just like a normal desktop printer. It requires no extra rip software and prints onto fabric using its own printer driver. So you can download directly from a program such as Photoshop, Corel Paint or even Word. Then, like all desktop printers, you simply need to press print.

Digital Garment printing is an incredibly quicker way of printing. Indeed it cannot be argued with that screen-printing is faster per piece. At times it’s even possible to produce three shirts screen-printing for every 2 that are digitally printed. However, this is only looking at the smaller picture. The Brother gt541 cuts down tremendously on processes that take a long time when setting up to screen print. At the end of the day, a digital garment printer is going to save a lot of time when considering overall production times.

Digital garment printing involves a lot less hassle than screen-printing. Screen-printing is very time consuming and often frustrating. You need to print film positives, prepare screens to be burnt, expose, washout screens, dry them, tape and block out the screens, setup, register, print, de-ink the screens, tear down the press and reclaim the screens using chemicals. With a digital garment printer though, as soon as the art has been approved, you can start printing.

Screen-printing is much less friendly than digital garment printing. The Brother GT541 is much kinder to the environment and to the employee as there are no harmful chemicals. You also have no conveyor drier, which means less need for operating space.

The bottom line is that this machine is going to greatly increase the earning potential of your business. It is so incredibly easy to use and fast. The Brother GT 541 is without a doubt, the most cost affective way to print garments.





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